Mineral Insulated (MGO) Thermocouples

RAMPAK is RAM Sensors' trade name for metal sheathed mineral insulated Thermocouple conductors.  The Product is comprised of a metal sheath in which the thermocouple elements are embedded in a tightly compressed or highly compacted magnesium oxide insulation.

Sheathed Wire Features Include:

  • LONG LIFE due to conductors being protected by both the outer sheath and the compacted insulating powder.
  • RAPID RESPONSE: the high thermal conductivity and small mass promotes rapid transfer of temperature to the measuring junction.
  • CORROSION AND SCALING:  the largest selection of available sheath materials provide suitable sheath materials for applications at high temperatures and corrosive atmospheres.
  • MECHANICAL STRENGTH: the compacted construction and appropriate sheath thickness insures the integrity of the conductors even while bending, twisting, or flattening.

All RAMPAK material is manufactured and tested to meet ASTM and ANSI 96.1 requirements for Thermocouple wires

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