About RAM Sensors, Inc.

RAM Sensors, Inc. was founded by Ronald A. Miller in 1981, and is currently in its third generation of ownership, to supply temperature sensor devices to the industrial marketplace. We provide industrial customers throughout the world with high-quality temperature sensors. Our customer base includes metalworking, aircraft, aerospace, petrochemical, chemical and power generation industries.

We continuously strive to provide total product quality. Our flexible manufacturing process allows manufacture of both industry-standard products and customer-supplied designs. Our goal is total customer satisfaction from the design process to product delivery and use. Our attention to detail assures the best quality and service with each order. Management, staff, and employees of RAM Sensors are committed to being a leading provider of technically-oriented temperature sensor products to both industrial end-user and distributing customers.

To remain in this position, we recognize that the customer’s perception of quality lies not only in product attributes but also in such considerations as service provided, delivery, and price. In providing our customers with quality products, we are rewarded with their loyalty and thereby ensure the prosperity of this organization and its employees.