Thermocouple & RTD Connectors

A wide range of thermocouple and RTD connectors

RAM Sensors offers a wide range of thermocouple and RTD connectors. We carry connectors in standard and miniature sizes, for various applications and are built to the very highest standards to withstand the rigors of constant use. Error-free, reliable interchange is what you can expect when using RAM Sensors' connectors.

At RAM Sensors, we supply these parts to your unique specifications – your satisfaction is our goal. Connectors are color-coded for easy identification and can accommodate fine wires to stranded cables.

Thermocouple Connectors

Our thermocouple connectors are available in 2-, 3-, 4-, and multi-pin configurations in plug, jack, circular jack, mini-plug, mini-jack, and panel jack types, among other styles. Pins are available in both rounded and flat styles. Our connectors are compatible with all calibration type sensors. Pins are polarized for easy and accurate connection and color coded to ANSI specification. Cable clamps and optional weatherproof covers are available to add to the connectors’ rugged durability. Temperature ratings vary from 410°F (210°C) to 1200°F (650°C).

ANSI Color Codes for Thermocouple Connectors:

  • Type K: Yellow; Nickel/Chromium – Nickel Alloy pin construction
  • Type J: Black; Iron – Copper/Nickel pin construction
  • Type T: Blue; Copper – Copper/Nickel pin construction
  • Type E: Purple; Nickel/Chromium – Copper/Nickel pin construction
  • Type N: Orange; Nickel/Chromium/Silicon – Nickel/Silicon pin construction
  • Type R/S: Green; Copper – Copper Alloy pin construction
  • Type Cu: White; Copper – Copper pin construction
  • Type B: Gray; Copper – Copper pin construction

RTD Connectors

Most often available in the rounded pin type and in both a plug and jack version, RTD connectors are easily connected to sensor elements and extension wire. We carry both 2- and 3-pin plugs where pins are polarized for easy connection. RTD connector bodies are generally white in color, accept solid, stranded, and overbraid wire, and are rated at 400°F (200°C). Optional weatherproof covers and cable clamps add durability.

You Can Trust RAM Sensors

RAM Sensors, Inc. provides thermocouple and RTD connectors that are both reliable and accurate. We know this is vital to your business operations. Our varied product line features durable, high-quality connectors that coordinate with RAM Sensors' thermocouple and RTD offerings.

If you have any questions about which connectors could benefit your current temperature sensing system, please contact us. We are happy to help you find the ideal solution.