Temperature Sensing Accessories

Metering and control system with thermocouples

RAM Sensors proudly offers a wide variety of high-quality temperature sensing accessories. These products will help you to complete your thermal processing installation while enhancing and customizing your already powerful temperature sensing devices. These accessories are also perfect to replace worn-out hardware or simply to update your existing system with the latest materials.

Your satisfaction is our goal, and we can manufacture these accessories to your unique specifications. Many accessories are available for both RTD and thermocouple applications.

Bayonet Type Adapters. Used with spring-loaded bayonet cap style thermocouples; a spring compresses and is locked by the cap, putting the thermocouple in touch with the surface being measured; enable the same sensor to be used for various applications within the same facility.

Open Disc Terminal Blocks. For single- and dual-element thermocouples, or single-element RTD assemblies; available in either silicone, glass/fiber, or ceramic discs.

Quick Disconnect Plugs, Jacks. Positive connections available in both standard and miniature styles; interchangeable with other miniature connectors.

Plug and Jack Accessories. Adapters for adding armor cable; mounting brackers; other protections for the thermocouple connection.

Protection Tube Mounting Parts. Pipe fittings and flanges are mounted to secure both ceramic and metal tubes.

Screw Terminal Barrier Blocks. Avoid EMF voltages; prevent errors in temperature reading.

Sensor Heads. Used in wet and hazardous situations; connected via terminal block.

Sensor Mounting Fixed Fittings. NPT hex head bushings have a specific immersion length; compression fittings allow for adjustable immersion length.

Thermocouple Extension Assemblies. Allow for extension between thermocouple and controller using a calibrated or extension wire.

Thermocouple Insulators. Offer thermal and electrical insulation resistance; made of crushable ceramic or other materials depending on needed properties; beaded, fish spine, and short insulators available with single, dual or four bores.

Compression Mounting Fittings. Extreme temperature- and pressure-resistance; compatible with caustic fluids; easily assembled, long-lived, and leak-free; composed of a compression nut or screw, one or more ferrules, and a compression fitting body.

Quick Disconnect Cables. Axial or right-angle connector on one or both ends; protected by PVC or PUR jackets; fast and easy connection between field devices and terminal connections; nickel-plated brass coupling nut locks in place, resists shock and vibration.

Cable Clamp. Fits miniature and standard connectors; use with most types of in-line plugs and socket styles; securely fasten between cable and connector; crafted from stainless steel; quick and easy to fit.

Panel Jack Strips. Exhaustive variety of panel sizes for use with various thermocouple connectors, colors, materials, and styles.

Terminal Blocks. Provide wire-to-board connectivity and aid in field wiring; key for good wire management; wide variety of specialized styles.

Terminal Heads. Wide variety of styles to meet specific application needs; sealable versions available for resistance to gases or liquids; available in cast aluminum, stainless steel, and heavy-duty ABS plastic.

Extension Assemblies. Connect the head to a thermowell; allow thermocouple to avoid direct contact with hot surfaces; permits removal of thermocouple element; offerings can be configured for specific applications; made of standard weight galvanized steel.

You Can Trust RAM

RAM Sensors, Inc. provides temperature sensing accessories that are proven to be reliable and accurate. If you have any questions about which components could benefit your current system, please contact us. We are always ready to help you find the ideal solution for your temperature sensing needs.