Thermocouple temperature sensors

Thermocouples are temperature sensors comprised of two dissimilar metals that have been welded together. The resulting thermoelectric effect from applied temperature allows for precise sensing. Varying types of calibration enable thermocouples to accurately sense temperature within differing extremes of temperature and environment.

These devices are used to measure the temperature of many different items and substances across various industries. This is vital, because even small changes in temperature can affect machinery safety and efficacy. At RAM Sensors, we understand the fine-tuned nature of your work and that’s why we supply high-quality temperature sensing devices that can detect even the slightest shift.

As temperatures rise or fall, the metals in your machinery can harden or soften, affecting overall performance. Be sure that you’re aware of these changes in real time, with RAM Sensors' thermocouples. Our product offerings include traditional thermocouple models, along with our remote thermocouples, thermocouple wire, and mineral-insulated varieties. And they are compatible with an array of application requirements.

Type J Thermocouple: Commonly and reliably used, with a narrow temperature range and relatively short lifespan at higher temperatures.

Type K Thermocouple: Nickel/Chromium – Nickel/Alumel; Most common variety – affordable, accurate, and reliable, with a wide temperature range. Relatively resistant to radiation.

Type T Thermocouple: Copper – Constantan; Stable at extremely low temperatures such as cryogenics, ultra low freezers, and laboratory environments.

Type N Thermocouple: Nicrosil – Nisil; Operates with the same accuracy and temperature limits asType K.

Type E Thermocouple: Nickel/Chromium – Constantan; stronger signal and higher accuracy than Type K or J; added stability increases its accuracy

Type B Thermocouple: Platinum Rhodium 30% – Platinum Rhodium 6%; used in extremely high temperature applications, with one of the highest limits available; maintains a high level of accuracy and stability

Type R Thermocouple: Platinum Rhodium 13% – Platinum; used in high temperature applications; higher Rhodium content increases cost; similar to the Type S but enhanced in terms of performance, accuracy, and stability

Type S Thermocouple: Platinum Rhodium 10% – Platinum; used in very high temperature applications, such as BioTech and Pharmaceutical; high accuracy and stability make Type S versatile across industries and temperatures; often features a ceramic protection tube

Junction Types

In order to protect the thermocouple against harsh external factors, various sheathing is commonly used. There are three typical forms of thermocouples you will find:

Exposed Junction: No protective sheath.

Grounded Junction: Protective metallic sheath (e.g. stainless steel) encloses conductors and insulation making it more physically durable and resistant to corrosion.

Ungrounded Junction: Similar to the grounded junction but wires do not connect electrically to the metallic sheath, protecting from electromagnetic interference.

You Can Trust RAM Sensors

RAM Sensors, Inc. manufactures custom thermocouples that reliably and accurately sense a wide range of temperatures. We know that it’s vital that you have access to quality products so our varied product line offers high quality thermocouples for your specific temperature sensing needs. If you’re in need of explanation or help in choosing the best components for your unique application, please feel free to contact us. We are ready to help you find the ideal solution.