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Thermocouple wire

Understanding Thermocouple Wire Colors and Coding

If you rely on thermocouples to read temperatures, then you need to be sure that they are both accurate the best fit for your application. We will share some top ways to quickly identify the thermocouple you’re working with and help demystify the color coding system.

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Temperature sensor for measuring instrument close up in industry zone at power plant.

What Causes Temperature Sensors to Fail?

Getting accurate readouts from temperature sensors is of critical importance. This article will explore issues that could cause temperature sensors to fail, ways to recognize the signs of failing temperature sensors, and strategies to ensure that your sensors work properly.

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Temperature sensor in an industrial setting

What You Need to Know About Temperature Sensors

Learn what temperature sensors are, how they work, and what they're used for.

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There are various kind of thermocouple wire used to calibrate temperature

Type J Thermocouple Wire vs. Type K Thermocouple Wire

RAM Sensors experts explain the pros and cons of type J thermocouple wire and type K thermocouple wire.

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Calibration of a thermocouple in progress.

How to Calibrate Thermocouples

In order for thermocouples to work properly, they have to be properly calibrated. There are several different ways to calibrate a thermocouple.

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Example of temperature sensor used in food industry

Why Should You Calibrate Your Thermocouple?

A thermocouple is a sensor tool used to measure temperature in various settings. For it to work accurately and effectively, it needs to be calibrated regularly.

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Bird eye view of industrial factory with temperature sensor equipment

What Are the Characteristics and Specifications of a Thermocouple?

Thermocouples are sensors that can be used to measure temperature of many different items in industries such as manufacturing. For industries, even small changes in temperature can affect machinery.

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Thermocouple in heater, industrial temperature sensor.

Thermocouple Styles

Due to the variety of machines and materials involved in manufacturing, there are multiple types of thermocouples that address different conditions and requirements.

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Thermocouple in heater at an industry factory

How to Prevent Vibration Damage to Thermocouples

How do you prevent vibration damage to both thermocouples and RTD sensors?

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Temperature sensor equipment & temperature transmitters used in microbrewery

What's the Difference Between a Temperature Sensor and a Temperature Transmitter?

Temperature sensors and temperature transmitters sound like the same thing. However, contractors need to know the difference, because both sensors and transmitters are necessary to make sure changes in temperature within equipment are within normal limits.

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Contact temperature sensor used to measure water temperature

Temperature Sensors: Types and Uses

Temperature sensors are some of the more commonly used sensors across the globe. Although most people never think about them, temperature sensors are involved in many applications.

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Woman holding her hands up in confusion

What is the Difference Between Thermocouple Types and How Do I Know Which One to Choose?

We’ve talked about the types of thermocouples we offer in previous articles, but maybe you’re not sure of which style of thermocouple would work best for a new project. No problem at all, we’re happy to help!

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Stainless steel thermowell

How to Select the Correct Thermowell for Your Application

Selecting the right thermowell is crucial because it determines how your thermocouple will function. In this article, we will discuss five factors to consider when choosing a thermowell.

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A RAM Sensors, Inc. thermowell assembly

What is a Thermowell & Why Should You Use It?

Keeping heavy machinery running smoothly is a delicate process. Learn how using thermowells in your equipment can protect temperature sensors, improve machine efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, and save money on labor and inventory.

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Temperature sensor for measuring instrument close up in industry zone at power plant.

How to Choose an Electrical Temperature Sensor

There are many types of temperature sensors in the market today with applications in different industries. Here are the top five factors to consider when buying a temperature sensor.

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Thermocouple in heater, temperature measurement equipment

How to Wire a Thermocouple Sensor

Learn how thermocouples work and what two main methods there are for hooking a single thermocouple temperature sensor to two receivers.

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Temperature gauge install with thermowell

Proper Placement of Thermowells For Your Industrial Thermometers

Performance and life expectancy of a thermowell are directly tied to how and where it will be used - and understanding this relationship is essential.

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