What is a Thermowell & Why Should You Use It?

A RAM Sensors, Inc. thermowell assembly

If you manage or own a commercial facility with heavy machinery, you already know that keeping your machinery running smoothly is a delicate process. If one part of the machinery gets too hot, the whole machine could break down, which could cost you a significant amount of money and downtime. Thermowells can help you keep your machinery running smoothly by constantly checking the temperature. Learn more about what thermowells are and why they are important. 

What Is a Thermowell?

Thermowells act like a protective shield for the temperature sensors attached to machines in the industrial sector and generally look like a tapered cylinder.

Why Should You Use Thermowells?

There are several reasons thermowells are important to have on your equipment. First, if you run heavy machinery in your business, you know how important it is that your machinery be kept at a consistent temperature. Temperature sensors alone may have difficulty working, or they will wear out easily, especially if they are bombarded with steam and corrosion, excessive heat and cold, or even tons of electricity. Thermowells protect these temperature sensors from the elements within the machine, which means the sensors can continue to work efficiently. 

Oftentimes, temperature sensors have to work in small spaces in less-than-ideal conditions. In some industries - such as petrochemicals, aerospace, and electrical equipment - manufacturing processes involve acid or other corrosive materials in high heat or freezing cold. With thermowells, even the most delicate machinery will work more effectively. The more delicate the machinery, the more important it is to have a thermowell protecting your temperature sensors. 

Thermowells allow you to remove and replace temperature sensors easily. Because they are located directly by the temperature sensors, there’s no need to dig around heavy equipment looking for the sensor you need to replace. Just look for the thermowell and you’ll be able to find the sensor. The more quickly you can find the temperature sensor, the faster you can get it replaced. This eliminates a lot of down time for the machinery, which means less money wasted. 

Of course, one of the most important reasons to install thermowells over your temperature sensors is because using thermowells can save you money in wages and machine downtime. By using thermowells, your temperature sensors will last much longer because they are protected. You’ll need less time and labor to service, repair, and maintain temperature sensors when you use thermowells.

You’ll save money on temperature sensor inventory as well. In the past, you had to maintain a large inventory of temperature sensors because you never knew when they would need to be replaced. By using thermowells, you reduce the need for a large inventory, because the sensors will last longer. 

Choose Thermowells From RAM Sensors

Thermowells are a great antidote to the heat, corrosion, and constant headache that comes with replacing sensor after sensor. RAM Sensors, Inc. provides thermowells that have a proven track record of high quality and reliability in various industries. Our diverse product line offers thermowells from trusted brands that are available as separate components or as a part of complete temperature sensor assemblies. Contact us for expert assistance in choosing the best thermowell for your unique application.